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Every student has a strong, unique story to tell, even if he/she doesn’t realize it. We are experts at crafting that story and differentiating students amongst similarly qualified applicants.

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Thrilled with the results

I was blown away by your knowledge and attention to detail throughout the entire process. My family and I did not want to risk not using your services, especially since so many students from the surrounding area have worked with The Application Authority and had great success. Your services exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled with the results!

– University of Michigan Ross student

You helped me immensely

You helped me immensely. My application would not have been NEARLY as strong without The Application Authority’s help, and I really don’t think I would have gotten into Vanderbilt.

– Vanderbilt student

So much I didn't know!

Thank you so much for your incredible help. My applications would not have been nearly as strong without you, and I sincerely appreciated your insight and constructive feedback from start to finish. There was so much I didn’t know! I was thrilled with my applications, and I cannot wait to join the Fighting Irish this fall.

– University of Notre Dame student


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What is an Admissions Counselor?

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Why Use a Coach?

We’ll ask the question another way: why NOT use a coach?

You’ve spent 18+ years preparing for this. Why not hire an expert to guide you through your school/college/specialty program applications and help you differentiate from the thousands of other applicants?

The Dean of Admissions at a prestigious school recently said: “We’re not looking for them to be larger than life. We’re looking for them to live who they are, be who they are, and show us a side of them we can be excited about. It’s not about being the best or having the most superlatives. It’s about who they are and whether they’re a good fit.”


College is NOT just a numbers game. The majority of highly selective colleges and universities consider your application materials to be “extremely important.”

Grades are Inflated

Grades are inflated = 55% of college applicants nationwide have an “A” grade point average.

Test Scores

Perfect test scores aren’t enough. Even students with perfect standardized test scores get rejected from top schools = quantitative application elements aren’t enough.


Some top schools are becoming test-optional = standardized tests are ubiquitous. See here for the most updated list of test-optional schools:


Students are judged by the academic environment in which they reside; this is why “territory managers” exist = the more resources, the tougher the criticism.

Holistic Review

More schools are moving toward a “holistic review” process = schools thoroughly review all submitted materials.

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