Here are some testimonials from happy Class of 2019 and 2020 parents:

Your guidance was impeccable

I know our son would not have gotten into USC without you. Your guidance was impeccable, and our son actually enjoyed the process and learned a lot about himself and his goals. Thank you!

– University of Southern California parent


The best money we’ve ever spent, period.

– University of Michigan parent

extremely grateful

The Application Authority was an integral part of my daughter getting into Vanderbilt. I’m extremely grateful we found them!

– Vanderbilt parent

extremely grateful

Like any parent, I want to offer my children any advantage or assistance possible. My daughter went to a great public high school and we knew we needed some help differentiating her. So grateful we found The Application Authority. My daughter’s coach helped make my daughter’s dreams come true!

– University of Michigan parent

We felt like you truly cared

It has always been my son’s dream to attend Duke; your insight, guidance, and positive attitude were invaluable. We felt like you truly cared about our son, and we are grateful. Go Blue Devils!

– Duke parent

We were working with

We were working with another college coach down here in Florida when we received your name
from a friend. After talking with you, we decided to cut ties with the Florida coach, and it was the best decision we made in the process. The Application Authority was extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and responsive. They truly cared about our son and went above and beyond to help our son get and stay on track. We are so happy to share that he was accepted at his number one choice school!

– University of Michigan Ross parent

Thank you so much

Thank you so much. Our daughter actually enjoyed this process because of you.

– University of Michigan parent

He needed a confidence

Thank you so much for working with my son. He needed a confidence boost and help organizing his thoughts. We couldn’t be happier to have worked with The Application Authority!

– University of Michigan parent

We truly believe

We truly believe you were the difference maker.

– University of Notre Dame parent

Thank you SO much

Thank you SO much for helping our son. You really took the stress out of the process and helped us factor in things we would never have thought of on our own.

– University of Southern California parent

son’s goal

Our son’s goal was to play lacrosse at Wisconsin, and you helped make his dreams come true. His applications really reflected who he is and what he has to offer – plus, he learned so much about himself by working with you. We are so grateful!

– University of Wisconsin parent

From the moment I talked

From the moment I talked to The Application Authority, my anxiety decreased. I immediately knew we were in good hands.

– UNC parent

without you

We could not have done this without you.

– New York University parent

We are so appreciative

Thank you SO much to The Application Authority for the unwavering support and guidance you provided to our daughter. We are so appreciative of your insight and your professional commitment throughout the college application process.

– University of Michigan parent

I’m recommending

I’m recommending The Application Authority to everyone we know next year. You helped us so much, thank you!

– University of Michigan parent

knows exactly what to do

The Application Authority knows exactly what to do. My son and I faced some friction as we worked on the applications and bringing in an objective professional was just what we needed.

– University of Michigan parent


One word: invaluable.

– University of Michigan parent

utmost skill and patience

The Application Authority team showed utmost skill and patience as they helped my anxious daughter with her essays and activities. I’m so thankful we worked with you!

– Northwestern parent

Don’t hesitate to hire

Good grades alone just don’t cut it anymore. I knew the essays were important and I’m SO glad we decided to hire The Application Authority. I know kids with similar credentials to my son and they didn’t get into U of M. Don’t hesitate to hire The Application Authority!

– University of Michigan parent

My son spoke with

My son spoke with The Application Authority before I did. He came to me and said we needed to hire her. It’s one of the best decisions we made.

– University of Pennsylvania parent

The end result was great

The end result was great, and you went above and beyond throughout the entire process. It was a tremendous relief to find you and have you guide our son and keep him on task through every step. You completely took the stress out of the process, and my only wish is that we had found you earlier!

– University of Michigan Ross parent

I’m SO glad we hired

I’m SO glad we hired The Application Authority! I was initially hesitant because I didn’t know if we needed your help, but we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Our daughter’s coach strengthened our daughter’s application in many ways we NEVER would have thought about on our own. I know hiring The Application Authority made the difference between our daughter being accepted vs. rejected.

– University of Pennsylvania parent

guided us every step of the way

Our daughter has severe ADHD and we weren’t sure if and how to address that in the application. The Application Authority guided us every step of the way.

– University of Wisconsin parent

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