Why should I work with you?

We are expert admissions and application professionals with years of experience. 100% of our clients are satisfied, and 100% of our clients are willing to refer us.

We are committed to keeping our information current, and we maintain constant contact with admissions offices to ensure we are working with the most up-to-date, current expectations.

As marketers at heart, we use our proprietary process to take any student’s situation and craft a story marketing his/her potential for success and ability to compete at the highest level in their program of choice.

Will the process burden me or increase my workload?

Quite the opposite. Our program is designed to make the entire process completely seamless. 100% of the students we have worked with say we made the process incredibly easy and removed a huge burden from their shoulders.

We know how busy you are, and we ensure that you maximize your efforts and energy in the best, most effective way possible. We know you don’t have time to waste.

Will the admissions offices know I worked with you?
Absolutely not. We ensure that a student’s individual, authentic tone and voice are represented in his/her application. We also hold our confidentiality agreement in the highest confidence.
Have you successfully worked with students who have less than stellar grades, extracurriculars, or who have special circumstances?

Of course! This is where we shine – highlighting and marketing the potential of the student to succeed in their desired program. We have incredible success with students who have less than stellar academic records, limited extracurricular involvement, and who have any number of special circumstances.

We would be happy to send you some case studies; just contact us and ask!

Do you ever turn down students who want to work with you?
Yes, absolutely. We require a consultation so we can gain an understanding of a student’s situation, interests, and fit with their program of choice. No situation is cut and dry (see answer above), and should we turn a student down, we are willing to work with the student to advise him/her of alternate program options.
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